Fitness and Exercise Workshop

Revolution Fitness Center offers a range of fitness and exercise workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of the customer. Sessions include practical demonstrations and are fun, highly interactive and based on group discussions..

Following are the topics covered on each one-hour workshop.
Benefits of Physical Activities
How much exercise and how often?
Finding time for exercise. 
How to stay motivated and on track?
Exercise that can be done during the work day
Different exercise options available to us?
Setting a game plan
Developing a personal fitness program
Determining your true fitness level
Creating strong, clear and realistic fitness goals 
Examining the barriers to fitness 
Creating motivation that is sustainable 
Doing exercise correctly gets real results sooner
Exercise to combat Stress
Hormones and exercise
How exercise boosts the immune system?
Using up any negative energy through exercise
How exercise helps to prevent anxiety
How regular exercise helps to combat stress

  • Health and Fitness Regular Classes  SGPGI Lucknow,
  • Health workshop for 4000 Doctors all over India in Indra Gandhi Pratisthan Lucknow, Health and Fitness workshop for teachers in Jaipuria